The five-day program is a residential program. CRTP carefully selects retreat centers within a natural setting to maximize the learning experience. Seminar leaders combine years of CRTP training experience with a professional expertise in a wide blend of humanistic fields. The seminars have been taught nationwide, first by Dr. LeShan and then by Dr. Joyce Goodrich, his successor in this process. Currently Kathy Stillson, LCSW, SEP, CGP, is the President of CRTP and the seminar leader. She is a published author, psychotherapist and the former Executive Director of Community Centers, Inc. in Greenwich, CT. She conducts each experiential five day training with Mike Bova, MPS, ATR, a CRTP Board member, researcher, published author and art therapist. Both Ms. Stillson and Mr. Bova have been practicing this healing method of meditation for over 35 years.

During training seminars an important distinction is made between considering one's self a "healer" and "being part of a healing process" that enhances the healees own self-healing abilities.

The Beginners Training consists of an eclectic collection of 20 meditations which are drawn from many different traditions. The purpose of the meditations are both to strengthen the student's sense of self, to expand one's way of perceiving, and to help prepare for an experience of an altered state of consciousness. The seminars are deliberately small with the intention of teaching a limited number of serious minded people in depth. We take the work seriously and ourselves lightly with laughter and compassion. Participants come from all walks of life and for a variety of reasons.

The June 19-24, 2019 LeShan Healer Training Seminar in Chester, Connecticut, is open to Beginner and Advanced students. Click on link to fill out application.

LeShan Healer Training Seminar Application

The 2019 Training Seminar Flyer will be available for download soon.

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You don't know what life is until all the seas flow in your veins and all the stars are within you.

-- Larry LeShan



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